Excellent project planning and execution

Novauda’s highly experienced team has decades of offshore experience in the APAC region energy sector. Since 2012 we have been involved in the asset retirement planning and operations of diverse decommissioning projects.

Our operational support services include:

• Comparative Assessment Development for various facilities.

• Comparative cost estimate benchmarking against other decommissioned facilities.

• Decommissioning planning and execution of offshore and onshore installations.

• Well isolation methodology and trouble shooting.

• Development of commissioning plans and documentation for offshore installations and pipelines.

• Diver and WROV associated operations during decommissioning preparation and offshore campaigns.

Innovative business cases and contract models

Novauda’s key strength is our knowledge of the oil and gas sector and our extensive collection of data, collated over several years; factors enabling us to offer innovative contract models for service providers within the APAC region. These transpose through the entire lifecycle of decommissioning activities and include:

• ‘Sale of asset’ strategies for major operators.

• Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for various planning activities including:

° Industry Comparative Assessments Deferral risk assessments,

° Other MCDA to address organisational objectives.

• Waste management strategies for subsea christmas trees and infrastructure.

• Gap analysis to identify transferrable decommissioning capabilities for contractors.

• Competitor research and analysis.

At Novauda, we believe most organisations have a transferrable skill set to offer the global decommissioning market. Through our constantly evolving network and expertise, we will create the most appropriate business-case for your organisation.